Articles as a way to promote your business

Thu, Sep 11, 2008


Articles can be a perfect way to promote your business. And here is how:

Promote your product:
Believe it or not, not everybody in Internet is keen to buy your product. They are looking for an answer for their problem. Or they want to be entertained. Write an article about their problem. How to solve it. And how your product can help. Honestly try to give different views, rather than just complimenting your product.

Promote your website:
If people will find your article interesting or useful, they will bookmark it or share it with their friends. And don’t forget that search engines love articles.

Because articles have a lot of relevant text. Relevant links and are better source of information than just a different blocks of links and text.

Saying that, let’s see how to write an article.

Strategy for writing an article:

In order to have a multiple effect from your article, the best strategy would be to write one article and send it to different websites and article databases. But however, there is one problem.

Google filters duplicate content counting original, and neglecting all the copies. That’s why your article has to be original, or at least little different than the original one.

You can rewrite your article yourself, but if you don’t want to bother making 1000 different article copies, you may buy a special software that will do it for you, or hire a freelancer to do that.

After that you need to spread your articles, don’t forget to include some links in it, pointing to your website. Here is a list of basic places you may spread your articles:

Best of luck, promoting your website using articles :)

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